How to Create Dynamic Presentations for MBA Courses

MBA courses, like many English courses, have strict standards for presentations and essays. Generally, the best presentations receive the highest grades and the most praise. So how do you put together an effective presentation for an MBA-orientated class?

Decide on a message.

You might have dozens of different points that you want to argue – but for an MBA-geared presentation, stick to just one. Choose one that interests you and that fits with your class and subject matter. Decide what the message is going to be and how you want to convey it.

Make notes and/or an outline.

Making notes or an outline for your presentation might seem like a silly thing to do, but it’s quite useful. Notes or an outline can help guide your presentation in the right direction and keep it on track.

Consider readability.

There are hundreds of possible fonts that you can use for your presentation’s content. However, only some of them are suitable for a presentation that needs to be professional and easy to read. Certain fonts are hard to read, while others allow our eyes to skip over them without any trouble. Make sure you check the readability of your presentation’s content before sharing it.

Create additional handouts.

The presentation itself must be excellent, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t create an informative handout or pamphlet to drive your message home. Make sure that the handout is interesting and easy to read, too. Consider adding photos, diagrams, and charts to give your readers something to look at.


Practice your presentation beforehand. The best presentations are practiced and improved upon before they are shown to an audience. This doesn’t mean that you should rehearse what to say word for word, but allow yourself to have an idea of what to say before presenting. Take this time to figure out when to say certain things and when to use silence to your advantage.
Creating a dynamic presentation takes patience – but if you’re invested in your topic, it shouldn’t be too difficult to create a presentation that the audience will appreciate.